Public Deliverables

D1.1 Requirements Capture Framework
D1.2 Report on business drivers and barriers of IoT interoperability and value added services
D1.3 Report on Pilot sites and Operational Requirements
D1.4 Business Requirements Specification
D1.5 Technical Requirements Specification
D1.6 VICINITY Architectural Design
D2.1 Analysis of Standardisation Context and Recommendations for Standards Involvement
D2.2 Detailed Specification of the Semantic Model
D2.3 Evaluation of the semantic model in real world scenarios
D3.1 High-available VICINITY server deployment
D3.2 Web based VICINITY neighbourhood manager
D3.3 Open Interoperability Gateway API, first version
D3.4 Open Interoperability Gateway API
D3.5 Semantic discovery and dynamic configuration services
D3.6 VICINITY Core Components continuous upgrades
D4.1 Set of open sample VICINITY gateway adapters
D4.2 VICINITY Agent and Auto-Discovery platform
D4.3 Vicinity Security Services
D4.4 VICINITY Client Components Continuous Upgrades
D5.1 Value-added services definition requirements and architectural design
D5.2 VICINITY Value Added Services Implementation Framework
D6.1 VICINITY Integrated Prototype
D6.2 Report on VICINITY test-bed deployment, including Validation, Parameterization and Testing
D6.3 Auto-Discovery space deployment validation report
D7.1 Pilot area installation methodology and planning
D7.2 Report on Smart Energy Microgrid Neighbourhood Installations Martim Longo Pilot Site
D7.3 Report on Buildings for Assisted Living Neighbourhood Installations
D7.4 Report on Intelligent Transport & Parking Installations
D7.5 Report on eHealth at Home Installations
D8.1 Pilot Evaluation Framework Definition
D8.2 Pilot results of Smart Energy MicroGrid Neighbourhood use-case
D8.3 Pilot results of Buildings for Assisted Living Neighbourhood Use-Case
D8.4 Pilot results of Intelligent Transport & Parking Use-Case
D8.5 Pilot results of eHealth at Home use-case
D9.1 Project website
D9.2 Data Management Plan-first version
D9.3 Data Management Plan, second version
D9.5 Dissemination and Communication Plan (year 2)
D9.6 Dissemination and Communication Plan (year 3)
D9.7 Dissemination and Communication plan
D9.8 VICINITY Report on Dissemination Activities, Public Participation and Awareness
D9.9 Report on Dissemination Activities, Public Participation and Awareness (year 2)
D9.10 Vicinity Report on Dissemination Activities, Public Participation and Awareness
D10.2 Risk Assessment Ethical monitoring and Contingency Plans