BARTER Adapter Overview

BARTER adapter integrates Hyperledger Fabric, Dash, Bitcoin and ChainRider solutions to provide a private blockchain infrastructure for blockchain-assisted micro-payments and private data storage services. BARTER is a blockchain framework built on top of open source projects Hyperledger Fabric, Dash, Bitcoin and proprietary VLF’s ChainRider service. It is a micro-payment enabler service that can be exploited to support a range of use-cases that need a secure and scalable M2M micro-payment solution specifically designed for IoT ecosystem. Hyperledger Fabric is an open source enterprise-grade permissioned distributed ledger technology (DLT) platform. ChainRider offers an ecosystem of tools and services built around public and private blockchain which helps in prototyping and building proprietary applications on different blockchains. BARTER integrates all of the aforementioned solutions to provide a private blockchain infrastructure for blockchain-assisted micro-payments, private data storage and smart contracts management. BARTER is a decentralized private blockchain infrastructure with deployed smart contracts for automated micro-payments and data storage, allowing autonomous interaction between IoT ecosystem entities in carrying out everyday business workflows. Regulations, ethics, and business rules can be incorporated through smart contracts, which are stored on BARTER’s Hyperledger blockchain and provide REST API interface for integration with IoT devices in a secure manner. This increases the security of M2M transactions and enforces contract performance. BARTER aims to provide an infrastructural upgrade to VICINITY platform through blockchain integration and enablers such as micropayments and private data storage and sharing. BARTER provides an operational framework for automating IoT micropayments that is relevant for various VICINITY pilot sites, users and use-cases. Alongside, as a standalone solution it can be offered as a micropayment framework for VICINITY and other IoT/non-IoT platforms and systems, further enlarging the impact of the VICINITY’s original interoperability solution for IoT verticals. Main functionalities:
  • API for thing description which provides information about exposed BARTER framework services, their properties, actions and events
  • Set of APIs for service actions for both micropayments and repository service (4 actions for micro-payments and one for repository service)
  • Set of APIs for service properties for micro-payments (12 properties in total) and repository service (7 properties)
  • Set of APIs for payment notifications