Project News

First review for VICINITY is completed in Brussels on 1st of September 2017 with success!

The VICINITY project undertook a detailed Review with the European Commission (EC) representatives. The review was especially impressive in technical terms as the  first integrated prototype demonstration at the Test bed infrastructures for the first stage of implementation was successful. 


VICINITY will engage new partners through 2 Open calls with a budget of €500K. One open call will be devoted to system integrators for Integration of IoT infrastructures deployed at public facilities in the domain of healthcare, smart grids, transport or intelligent buildings. Another open call will look for value added services over IoT infrastructure in the domain of healthcare, smart grids, transport or intelligent buildings.


Society is about to see a major shift in the accountability of organisations that make use of individuals’ personal data. Currently people give implied consent for the use of personal data on many occasions, such as when they accept the terms and conditions associated with downloading a new app. Less than 1% of people understand what personal data might be collected and how it might be used.


Many of the stakeholders are facing decisions as to adaptation of new technologies, and decisions on matters they have little or no knowledge about. In today’s dynamic world with so many large disruptive approaches and changing business models, it is difficult for decision makers to identify, prioritise and fully adapt and trust the new opportunities beyond viewing them as limitations.